About us

individuality and trust.

precision and responsibility.

solidness and reliability.

style consciousness and elegance.


These values will always be in a great demand. Especially because we live in a global age where the short-time aims cause a growing unreliability and anonymity. Recognizing these problems, a lot of younger people turn their attention towards timeless ideas and symbols. They want to be part of a bigger tradition again.

A unique jewellery, a remarkable piece of silver or an exklusive watch made in a manufactor in switzerland – these objects will no longer be a short-term fashion trend. Timeless beauty, passed through generation to generation, point out the real value of every object.

The person being the owner of a ring, the owner of silver or the owner of a watch – they all are going to leave their very personal footprint in life that way; even to their descendants. A shimmering expression of their unmistakable personality.

The goldsmith Stichnoth ehemals Hansen presents an exclusive selection of premium jewellery, silver and watches at their shop in hamburg.

2016 took a transfer of the business place which can not be more harmonious: the family-run business Stichnoth took over the jewellery’s store because the owner Klaus Hansen went into retirement. The goldsmith Stichnoth perfected the traditional trade wihtin less years and is very popular for their unique jewellery creations especially their engagement rings. The passion of both companies for the trade of the goldsmith’s art, the perfected skills while creating jewellerys and the profound knowledge about the processing of all precious metals fulfiled this meeting not only with a treasured value for both sides but also for the whole sector of the traditional trade.