The Hansen-Collection reflects the european cultural traditions.

Macufactured and inspired from the nordic basic forms the collection is made in 925er sterling-silver.


The hansen-silver-collection has its originate in the 20’s when Gustav Hansen who was court jeweller of Hohenzollern made his sketches for these collection. At a time where change is big the collection was created and was completed when a new generation looked at things differntly. Piece by Piece,  created in a family tradition. Derived from different forms of the nordic mythology, made by hand in 925er Sterling-Silver, performed with a traditional hammer blow, a gold edge and the typical engraved lines. This whole collection is respected by all experts because of its individuality.

The Hansen-Silver-Collection is immortal. Versatile in its forms, extensive in its depth and width, and originally made by a master of the silversmith. Today many silversmiths and engraver are still working on this collection – with the same traditional tools as the generation in former times.

Hansen- Tablesilver, that is the  lived cultural tradition.