Contrasts made life rich. The mixture of knowledge and intuition leads to soulful pieces of art. Created by the hands of a talented goldsmith.¬† The moments where lights and shadows unite that are the moments which engrave in us. And it is the goldsmith who freezes this moment for us. On the workingplace the ideas of the goldsmith¬† “Stichnoth ehemals Juwelier Hansen” interweave with the dreams our clients to a close and tight unity. The gold- or platinum-plated details made carefully by hand is the fact why these unique creations shine so bright. A fine engraved pattern, a very specific movement, a certain tailoring, a living sparkle.

Here it is the traditional trade which units whith a stylish intuition – well practiced for several decades. It is the handwriting, the skill and the personality from the exceptional talents whose workpieces we acknowledge as the ideal.



Today, only a few premium engraver still practise their centuries-old precise trade. An engraving is not always an engraving. The steady hand, concentration, handcrafted talent and an experienced eye – these impressions were the trandmarks of these ability.

But now the popular practice accomplished by computer-controlled machines lead these brilliant engraver to be an endangered species.

An individual engraving like these on the versatile Hansen-Silver-Collection is artistically made by hand. With a lot of skills and expertise. This is the only way for any passionate enthusiastic for precious metal to achieve an immortal memory with a personal affection.



Our goldsmith do not only create your own jewellery, we also carry out any repairs giving your jewellery its glamorous appearance back.

Each repair will be conducted by our goldsmiths with the biggest care.

That is why you can rely on us – trust our experciences, our perfected ability and our knowledge.