You will find the perfect present for each occasion. And we promise it passes into eternity.


The engagement ring holds a big iconic power. It is a symbol of devotion, love and loyality. It is the important element of the most intimate moment in a love relation between two people: the promise to spend a life together –


forever as one.Over the years we took a very good look at this iconic power. We experienced the preparations for this special moment with our clients, we smoothed ways to put our clients wishes and storys to practice, in every minute detail so that each engagement ring gives expression to its own personality.

For several decades our name stands for the quintessence of unique engagement rings.


It should be the most beautiful day of your life and your wedding rings should not only be the smybol of your love. They sould be your very individual jewels representing you, the uniqueness of your love and above all it should tell your story. By creating a variety of wedding rings for several decades we offer a lot of real experience and the best knowledge to help you composing your wedding rings.


The meaning of these rings is not only known by each our employees, it is also internalized and lived in every ring we made.


Diamands are exclusive. Since human thinking diamands are surrounded by legends. Their physical qualities, their purity, the cool beauty and their origin from the darkest depth make them something very illustrious.

It is comparable to the feeling we experience while standing on the top of the highest mountain or the widest dessert. Diamands let us be amazed. Their highly dense cube-shaped carbon structure is the result of a pure carbon creation.

That is why their kind is the rarest and strongest of the world – and that point again makes them valuable.



What is today known as aesthetic attractive is also proved as a future rarity: the handmade Hansen-Silver-Collection convinces through rafinement, free of our age where taste changes fast.